Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Boss Effect

It's been a while. I find it hard to blog about inane nonsense and have this page looking like my overlong twitter page of day-to-day ramblings and nonsense (thanks to Finn for borrowing/stealing that line!). When I really feel motivated to write something that has meaning to me, then I do and will.

This weekend I spent some time in Yorkshire with the Boss. I'd not seen him since Christmas, and contact last year had been limited to a few occasions due to his serving 8 months in Afghan.

Now, although my leg has been healing well, it hasn't really been challenged. I'd pushed it, but there's pushing it and then there's PUSHING it! This was due to change once the Boss had his way! He's developed into a top mountain biker and wanted to get me out on the trails, answering no was not an option!!

Borrowing a £3k Santa Cruz bike, we headed up to Hamsterley near Darlington. Here we rode a pretty technical red trail and a 4x track. I'd never ridden trails as big as these before and here I was, with a leg at about 80%, hitting every drop and jump I could!

You see, that's the effect of the Boss. He takes you outside your comfort zone and pushes you to heights you didn't know you could reach. It would be fair to say I miss having somebody like that around. Somebody who actually does what they say they're going to do. Somebody who is always striving to reach a higher level and insists on taking you along for the ride.

Case in point. I didn't fancy riding down this 4x track. This place is national standard! I figured I had pushed my luck enough that day and would save it for next time. I had already pushed myself further than normal and I could only ride up on the pedals in short bursts, which made everything that much tougher. However, as I took a few pics of the Boss dropping in and doing some jumps, he appeared on the drop-in ramp with my bike. 'You've got to go down one way or another,' was all he said! I decided not to think, quick gulp of air, bouncing on the balls of my feet to warm the ankle up and off I pedaled.

You see, you always need people around who believe you can obtain higher heights than you, yourself, even realise. That's what keeps dreams alive and keeps us striving to always reach that little bit further. That's the Boss effect.

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