Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Boys (and Girls) of Summer

'And i can see you, your brown skin shining in the sun, you got your hair combed back and sunglasses on baby....'

This week it finally feels like Summer is on her way. The temperature is currently at T shirt level and the beer gardens are becoming crowded. As you walk down the street the sun warms the back of your neck, while sights and smells remind you of summers long past.

Lazy walks along the beach in the evenings, sitting outside sipping a cold beer, trips abroad to even warmer climates, shorts and flip flops, the smell of surfwax, bbq's in the evening, camping from May til September, riding through the forest and the smell after a summer thunderstorm.

Like sepia snapshots frozen in the mind, adventures long forgotten come flooding back. Road trips and convoys down to the Westcountry with the Boss and Captain, letting the afternoon drift away in a beer garden with Merlin or Moony, surfing in Portugal, drinking Port with the Coach and summer nights out.

The cold grip of Winter is gone and everyone seems that little bit chirpier. Having been out of action for the last 4 months, fortunately, I missed Winter and Summer seems to be arriving quicker than I anticipated. I'm literally frothing at the mouth, dreaming of the good times ahead.

The new board is waxed and ready to ride. The bike serviced and ready to roll. Trips are being planned; camping, Scotland, Canada and anywhere else that takes my fancy.

The enforced layoff has allowed me to reflect on many things. What I would like to change about myself and who the people I really care for are, both old and new. I'm currently midway through putting my many plans of action in place, improving myself as a person and living a better life. The warmth of summer seems to have put an extra spring in my step. Motivation is renewed.

I've a good mix of close friends that have been invaluable over the last few months, when without them the mental struggle could at times have brought me down. Along with my family, I've had the wisdom of the Captain and Merlin, the wit of Sampras, memories of the Boss and Coach and the humour, blog and advice of Finn. Alongside this, the kindness of new and old friends such as; Willow, Fielder, Tigger, Knighty and the Ledge.

Today is a good day and tomorrow will be the same. I may be hobbling at present, but I am still charging towards summer with excitement and anticipation of all the good times and new memories I will share with this most excellent bunch of people.

Party On.

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