Thursday, 19 March 2009

Never Go Back

A wave is created by many different things occurring simultaneously but it is formed, by energy. This energy moves the surfboard forward, allowing us to harness it and in this moment we are moving in sync with a very natural force. Where else in life can you experience that? We may momentarily be able to cutback into the wave, but in essence we are always heading in one direction.

Singletrack, by definition, is a single track, usually of a extreme and volatile terrain. The bike goes up, down, winding, twisting and zig-zagging through the hills. In this instance gravity takes control. You become one with it and can tweak your body weight and position to alter your course. Sometimes the trail will switchback, but you are always heading one way...forwards.

Why are these concepts important to me? Well, in life, I find it so hard to move forward and not go back. Sure, it's easy to understand why people do go back, but is it right? It seems so natural sometimes, does that make it right? Should you go against natural instincts?

When you think about it though, life in general moves forward, so surely this is the more natural path to take? Learning from the past, remembering the past and appreciating it sure, but moving forwards with one eye on the future is key to our survival and happiness.

I find it nigh on impossible usually. I need constant reminding and prodding to move forwards. I guess I'm a creature of habit, I like spontaneity in the moment, but change? Well....

Luckily, I'm surrounded by a good group of people who constantly offer advice. People who have been there and done it before, got the T shirt and in some cases written the book! Sampras, the Captain, Coach and Finn, offer valuable advice on a day-to-day basis, as I've mentioned before.

It's always good to know that you're not the only one who has trouble moving forwards. However, it is nice to see how far some people have come when they do decide to move forward. It is that which is inspiring and motivational.

Life really is too short to worry and ponder such things for too long. A catastophic change could happen in the blink of an eye and change everything. Keep on moving forward, never go back, life should be about taking risks.

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  1. Very true dude... To live is to enjoy the sessions that life throws our way... Sometimes it's sitting out back waiting for a a ripple, othertimes it's heroes and hellmen only. Sometimes the trail throws up a bombhole that you just need to ride out... through this all, remember, No one rides twinnies in Hawaii!