Sunday, 1 March 2009

Learning a Lesson

Sometimes life throws you a total curve ball and your experience dictates how you deal with it. We either react and roll with it or it catches us by surprise and totally unaware. When this happens we're left gasping and clutching for air, our senses scrambled and amidst this mayhem, we are trying to make sense of it all.

My reaction used to be to throw my toys out of the pram, kick and scream like a small child and try and get the situation back under my control. But now? Well, what's the point? It stresses you out, makes you angry, sad, emotional and tired. Let someone else worry about things for once.

Now these thoughts, I admit, have been kicked off by an event in my personal life and by the more philosophical approach I have tried applying to life since breaking my leg. This has made me question the whole dating and relationship scene. I always used to think that you had to have something with someone straight away, something magical, that would make whatever happens between you all the more special.

I've often been advised that 'love' at first sight is rubbish and always defended it as existing. But recently I was speaking to the Coach and he said something that really made me think. Now a little bit of background here; the Coach is a French-Canadian, a smart guy who teaches and somebody I would definitely go to if I wanted straight advice with no bullshitting. I lived with him for about 6 months and can honestly say that was an awesome time in my life.

Him and his fiance have been together for about 6 years and when I asked him how it worked so well, he replied; 'When we got together, we didn't have any expectations for each other'. So simple, yet utter genius. Maybe this is where I had been going wrong, always wanting certain things and expecting stuff.

So alongside being more patient and letting things happen that are meant to happen, it's time to go into new things with no expectations. It's really hit home with me and I am looking forward to giving it a go! Probably obvious to most of you, but hey, I don't usually take the easiest option!

When I look round now, I see my closest friends; the Captain, Sampras, Merlin, Finn and the Coach settled down and either married or on the way. I feel like these guys have really taught me something. They are the wise men and I am the converted.

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