Monday, 23 February 2009

Feeling the Moment

It can be hard trying to find our way. We encounter obstacles, we have hiccups, we get lost and sometimes people just want to block the route we want to take. But when it seems things aren't going to plan, we have a vast library of material to call upon that can guide us where we want to be. I'm talking about memories, moments in life, those small but significant events that make you feel alive and give you the inspiration to push on and continue.

Have you ever had that moment, where things feel like they're a scene from a film? Sometimes it will be as it happens, other times it will be when you look back. Usually for me these important moments and memories are triggered and brought back to life through something as simple as a word, colour, smell or in this case a song.

I can probably link every person in my life and every inspiring moment, to a particular song. When I hear that song the pangs of nostalgia grow and you get to relive that moment in glorious sepia, like a slow motion montage on film. The rushing of a long past memory giving you that drive to continue.

September 1998, Merlin had just passed his driving test, every free moment was spent cruising around listening to Don Henley 'Boys of Summer'. I still remember it as though it was yesterday. Fast forward 10 years, the Coach is owning the dance floor of our local nightclub whilst Rick Astley 'Never Gonna Give You Up' plays. Rewind, driving at night over the Brooklyn Bridge whilst my ipod has switched to Jay Z and Linkin Park 'Numb'. Jump back another 8 years as Merlin picks me up on a Friday night blasting ATB '9pm til I come' through his new speakers and shocking the neighbours. Picking it up in 2008, I smile as I see a new friend, Moony, dance the night away on a podium grinning from ear-to-ear as Journey 'Don't Stop Believin' plays. Instantly we're back in 2001 and a week in Devon, surfing and camping with the Captain, is soundtracked by American Hi Fi 'Flava of the Weak'. Then we are back to 97 with Sampras, as Green Day 'When I Come Around' fills my ears throughout sixth form. In a flash we are back in the present and Kings of Leon 'Use Somebody' reminds me of somebody who is particularly close and important.

These memories and pangs of nostalgia remind me that I have truly got a lot to be thankful for and I have experienced a lifetime full of memories, moments and wonderful people, that are probably only important to just me. Sometimes it can be easy for us to lose our way and become lost, but sometimes, all it takes is a memory, something important to ourselves, to remind us of where we have been, where we are now and where we are heading.

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