Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Magic Moments

After a recent awesome weekend, that I really didn't want to end, it got me thinking about moments that are truly defining and memorable in life. I enjoy many good times, but there is a difference between something being enjoyable or fun and a moment being really life changing.

For some people it is going to be a sporting moment or a moment of high achievement in whatever field. For others it could be their wedding day, the day their children are born or the first house they buy.

Personally, for me, these moments have to have an 'x factor' about them. Something special that does not fade over time and if anything, just grows stronger and adds to the magic that surrounds the memory. These are usually like snapshots in the mind; an image, colours, smell and sound, all of these come flowing back. When remembered they trigger that feeling in the pit of your stomach that reminds you, you experienced something unique.

Sometimes, it hasn't dawned on me immediately how important and defining these moments are or will be. But you usually have an inkling.

This weekend was one moment like that, everything came together perfectly and nothing went wrong, like a scene from a film. Perfect company, perfect words and a perfect time. That got me thinking about past moments that would likely last a lifetime.

These range from Sampras' wedding, a wet and windy bike ride through the forest with the Boss, long near-forgotten camping trips, remembering the sun shining through the lip of a North Devon wave one crisp September, drinking beer and talking shit with Merlin in NYC, drunken conversations with the Coach over dinner, many heart-to-hearts with the Captain and more.

In my mind, what links these moments together and weaves them into the fabric of my being is that they all affected me in some small, yet significant way. Each one helped me grow in some way. Just thinking of each of these, transports me back to that time and place and reminds me why I enjoy life so much.

Everything about them is so vivid and detailed. The buzz I felt at the time of the experience, still comes back to me now. It is moments like these that resonate later in life, as remembering them helps give the inspiration to move on forging new paths and adventures.

A memory as simple as a past conversation, can provide you with the initial push to remember why you are heading where you are and what else you need to do to continue.

The important moments in life, only need be remembered by one small detail in the mind. Something somebody said, the way the light looked, a smile or a stolen glance. But these small details have the power to echo throughout our lives, continuously inspiring us.

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